Bambini Lingo Club

Especially created for 2-5 year olds

Bambini Lingo Club

The easy way to introduce a second language to your child

What's it all about?

Our learning series is short and attention grabbing, using relatable themes like colours/numbers/farm animals, coupled with the effective combination of music, movement and fun, language learning has never felt easier.

Welcome to the Bambini Lingo Club

We make the most of the magical window between birth and six years old when your child has the natural ability to absorb new languages like a sponge.

Through our TV series, music videos, catchy songs, simple movements and fun activity sheets, your child will be immersed in a fun learning experience featuring all their favourite everyday topics and themes.

Alongside leading educational advisors, we’ve created an effective science-backed programme combining movement, music and creative play.

We invite you to come and play with languages, the Bambini Lingo way!

Register to start learning!

How does it work?

You simply relax and enjoy our music, watch our videos, copy the simple choreography and colour and play with our activity sheets. All the magic words you need to learn are hidden in the songs and you'll be singing along in a new language in no time at all! It all sounds too good to be true, but thousands of children from all over the world have already learnt lots of new words in new languages, by doing it the Bambini Lingo Way!

Alongside leading educational advisors, we’ve created an effective science-backed language learning programme combining movement, music and creative play that focuses on your child's favourite everyday topics and themes.

Did you know that until the age of 5 years old, children are primed to learn languages, this is why it's such a golden opportunity to bring the gift of additional languages into your child's life during this time.

When you join the Bambini Lingo club you’ll have exclusive access to all our language learning programmes, in 9 languages, making it really easy for you to practice your new languages at home or in the car!

There are over 3000 magic words to learn in our lively curriculum, and we introduce each category as a Topic Stage.

We're launching with Topic stage, which includes- Hello/Body Parts/Weather/Transport and Numbers.

Just pick a language to get started, we’re launching with three languages English, Spanish and German and six more will be released soon. (Japanese, Italian, French, Portuguese, Chinese Mandarin and Russian)

You can buy all the Bambini Lingo music on Amazon, its available in all 9 languages, so there's lots of choice. (If you have Amazon Prime you can listen for free!)

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to introduce new languages into your home, especially during the precious early years, when languages are absorbed like magic!

You can subscribe with either a monthly or yearly membership and you can cancel at any time.

We can’t wait to see you soon.

Lots of love

Emma Boardman and the Bambini Lingo Family


User feedback

Wonderfully interactive fun way for little kids to learn languages
Emily JonesMother to Libby who is now almost fluent in Italian! - Walton on Thames, Surrey, UK.
A lovely, friendly children's language learning concept and it's so refreshing to hear some original children's music. I subscribed for my grandchildren and they are hooked!
Claire RoselloGrandmother to toddler twins - Oklahoma, USA.
Unique and relevant. This isn't just another app to pass the time, this is integral to a child's development. Highly Recommended!
Jerilee ClaydonA Leading Psychotherapist and Parenting Educator and mother to two. London, UK.
What a great way to start the journey to bilingualism. Full marks. Love the songs too.
Susan ButlerMother to Oscar, Mallorca, Spain.


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